Southwest Airlines flight makes emergency landing in northern Texas

Anyway, Jugo told police he beat Calderon to death with his fists, but a witness claims to have seen him swinging a wooden cutting board. At any rate, Calderon is very much dead — the autopsy revealed he suffered internal bleeding after being hit numerous times on the face, neck and elsewhere.HOOKSETT, NH – 18-year-old Nicholas Richer is an idiot. I just wanted to make that clear before continuing. On Monday, Richer, after reportedly cut another driver off during an illegal lane change maneuver at the Hooksett toll plaza of I-93, exchanged some less-than-congratulatory hand gestures and words with the victim of his vehicular misdeed. We’ve all seen that happen any number of times and, as we know, cooler heads usually prevail and the disagreement ends without incident.

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High gov't debt ratio remains Albania's key challenge: Moody's

On Sunday night, police received a phone call from someone who stated their 15-year-old cousin had admitted to killing her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.Lawless was placed on paid administrative leave while police investigate whether the shooting was justified or not. I can’t imagine the District Attorney will find the shooting anything but justified… but in today’s climate, who knows? Regardless, it was a nice shot.

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New research may confirm aluminum's role in causing Alzheimer's disease

Her sister’s nose was recovered at the scene, but it is not clear on if it can be re-attached.

  • Robert Laird Made His Daughter Wait for the Mother Who Would Never Arrive (
  • Michael O’Riley’s Sex Slave Wife (
  • Dalia Dippolito Gets It Done (
  • Shannon Dedrick Vanished From Parents’ Bedroom (

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China to extend family doctor services in 2017

Little Jim, an officer in the U.S. Army and a veterinarian at Fort Belvoir, was taken into custody and booked on charges of burglary, grand larceny and felony destruction of property. He is being held without bond.

Posted at 2:00 AM Sep 3 […]

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UN Security Council fails to adopt resolution on South Sudan sanctions

  • Latasha Harmon Stabbed And Trashed Her Infant Son (
  • “Daddy Lorne Touched My Cooter And It Hurt” (
  • Tracy Posner Stored Her Baby in an Unusual Place (
  • Donnishia Peterson Blamed It On The Fan (

Seeing the gun obviously created quite a bit of chatter between the 9-10 kids at the back of the bus, and some of the kids were a little freaked out. Word got around to the bus driver about what happened and he reported the incident and the police were called in. Several hours and 10 interviews later, the couple was arrested.

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Xinhua Insight: One child or two? That is the question

Cruz told officers, ‘I’m not going to lie to you. I have been drinking.’ Then she started crying, screaming, blubbering and all that other happy crap. She refused to perform any sobriety tests, she refused to submit to a breath test. When she was asked to sit down and calm herself, she kicked one of the officers in the leg. While police were conversing with the crazy drunk bitch, they noticed a small child in the backseat of the car.Evan Emory, 21, got permission to perform some songs in front of some first-graders in January. He and his friend then recorded him performing a lewd song titled “6 to the 9” with no one in the classroom. The video he posted on Youtube this month was an edited version of those two performances together. Get it? He made it look like he was performing an adult song for kids! Oh, Evan, you are hilarious and original… […]

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Kiev releases 15 rebel supporters in goodwill gesture

At that point, O’Dell said, both of them reached for the hatchet. Unfortunately for Shippert, O’Dell reached it first and planted it in the back of her head. Then, in an effort to “ease her suffering,” he proceeded to smash her in the face with the hatchet until she stopped crying….and breathing.According to the police report, Hammond was taken to the hospital for treatment and eventually admitted that he had smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and snorted “a lot” of bath salts. When asked why he had been carrying a knife, he explained, “Yo, somebody was about to get stabbed.”

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